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Someone sitting at a desk with an open journal.  Writing with a pen in one hand and a coffee in the other.


What do you want?

You're not being asked the law of physics, but sometimes this simple question can feel weighted.  If you're hearing crickets we might be able to help you.  

You know the drill. Light your favorite candle, break out a pen, and paper. Take a deep breath and shake it out. Now you're in the zone! At the top of the page write "Wouldn't it be cool if..."
For the next ten minutes write everything that comes to mind. This isn't formal. No one else will see this list, so there are no judgments. Don't write things you think you "should" want. Be brutally honest and if you think it would be cool if you could yodel, yodelayheehoo to you!

At the end of ten minutes take a second. Grab some water and look over your list. Star anything that gives you a little zap of energy. Pick one of the starred items. Determine 3 steps to help you achieve this goal and take the first step NOW!

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