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Katy smiling and wearing Caddis glasses, a white tee, and jeans



Did you know that you were born with a valuable tool that gives you healing powers?
Did you also know that you use this superpower less as you age?
What is this superpower I speak of...your smile!
Research shows that children smile an average of 400 times per day, compared to a happy adult who smiles 40-50 times per day. The typical adult smiles ONLY 20 TIMES A DAY!
There was never a user manual to teach us how to use this fantastic tool. It's a natural gift so let's not take it for granted. By smiling you release endorphins which are natural pain killers. A smile also produces serotonin which helps to counteract stress. Your smile is healing from the inside out. This is part of the reason why Eliud Kipchoge smiles while he runs 3:50/mile. It's a deliberate tactic to relax and work through the escalating pain.
Nowadays, it's common to walk down the street looking at your smartphone or the ground. The world could use some more kindness now more than ever, so stop being selfish with your superpower. It is scientifically proven that smiling is contagious and creates an infectious loop of happiness. By using this mood-boosting resource you could help to relieve someone else's stress.

"A smile has the power to light up a room"
Screw that, let's light up the world! Start helping one smile at a time.  The best part is they're free!

Comments (4)

  • Katy on June 01, 2023

    Lex – I feel like smiles are infectious when we all meet up. I definitely smile more than 20 times on those days.

    Bethany – That’s why you’re videos are so fun to watch! You’re always smiling and laughing when you run!

  • Bethany Perri on June 01, 2023

    Great post 😁

  • Lex on June 01, 2023

    I had no idea that the average adult only smiles 20x’s a day. It’s so simple but we definitely can spread more joy in our day to day ☺️

  • Susanne Senyo on May 31, 2023

    GREAT post, Katy!!! And it needs to be repeated often!

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