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Always seek your scents of adventure and never let your flame burn out.

8% of people actually achieve their goals.  Here are a few ways to help you start making progress on your dreams.

Sometimes our brains think super cool thoughts.  Often we disregard them, throwing them in the backseat.  In 2016 I was working with a web designer to create Shoppe 815's new site.  With no candles to pour or orders to ship, I started to think about what I would do the month the site was closed. "It would be the perfect time to go on a cross-country motorcycle trip." 

Lesson 1
Talk About it


I tossed this thought aside and went on with my day. A cross-country trip was always a goal of mine. I assumed I would accomplish it later in life, alongside my Dad and husband. Later that evening, I mentioned my crazy idea to my husband he replied, "you should!".

Don't hesitate on having a scents of adventure.  Never let your flame burn out.

Lesson 2
Begin with the end in mind
He's right!  Why wouldn't I take advantage of this time?  I started turning my dream into a reality by beginning with the end.  "When will I complete this task?  How many days will that allow me to be on the road?"  Now I knew my timeframe, the next step was researching annual weather conditions in the areas I was interested in traveling.  

Lesson 3
Set Specific and challenging goals

If you know me, then you know I'm goal oriented.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to check multiple items off my bucket list. 

Coast to coast & touch the atlantic ocean
Drive to Hometown
Ride with Dad
Gatlinburg, TN
North Dakota
Stay in Katy, TX
Hot Air Balloon Ride

I had 4 more states to travel to before hitting all 50, North Dakota being one of them. I quickly realized North Dakota was a no go at that time of year. The weather was too risky and traveling north would eat up too much time.  This would cause me to rush through other places I wanted to visit.  I wouldn't check off North Dakota but I would get my list down to 3 more states by driving through Arkansa.

Once I my goals were listed it became a game of connect the dots until a clear roadmap was formed. Next step invest in a US Road Atlas. Yes, technology can route your trip by inputing destinations, but if you want fun and scenic backroads plan it yourself! I planned my route day by day and assured myself I could execute the mileage and it was within my limits.  Motorcycle riding can be exhausting!

Lesson 4
Build a support system

Ben and my parents were already on board and enthusiastically cheering me on. Now that I had a route I thought about all of the faces I'd love to see around the country. I reached out to friends, many of which I hadn't seen in years.

Game On!
My route was set. Next step lodging. It was an easy decision not to camp due to packing logistics. I also needed to maintain being well rested in order to continuously ride hundreds of miles.

Financial Tips:
Use Credit Card with good point benefits to book lodging
Use Expedia account to receive points for hotels booked
Use to book hotels via Expedia to receive gift cards
Use my code to Start Receiving Gift Cards from Mypoints
(Not sponsored but I will receive points if you sign up)

Cha Ching! Every hotel I booked I got benefits from all three of these businesses.  By the end of this trip I received cash back from my credit card.  A Pottery Barn gift card from Mypoints and a FREE rental car for 4 days when visiting London on a different trip.  That alone would have cost me hundreds of dollars.

Lesson 5
Don't procrastinate and recognize when you are!

For the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing about my incredible adventure that became one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

6 months...6 months...after I returned home I was in a serious motorcycle accident. This is why I'd like to reinforce Lesson 5 DON'T PROCRASTINATE!  Use your days, hours, and minutes wisely!

Dream. Begin. Challenge. Support. Do. 
Become part of the 8% of goal achievers!

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