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There are few American staples that are regarded as iconic.  Ford's Model T, Apple's iPhone, Levi's Blue Jean, and Schott NYC's Motorcycle Jacket are a few pieces that come to mind.  

In 1928, Irving Schott created the first motorcycle jacket.  He branded this jacket the Perfecto after his favorite cigar.  This jacket was created to provide warmth, protection, and due to its asymmetric front closure, comfort, while riding a motorcycle.  It sold for the outrageous price of $5.50.  
In 1953, the Perfecto jacket caused a ruckus when worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild One.  Young men were quickly drawn to the Perfecto causing school systems through the country to ban the jackets as they were fearful of the rebellious nature attached to it.  

We are honored for the opportunity to work with Schott NYC.  In 2016, I was lucky enough to tour the Schott NYC factory and watch where these historic jackets are handcrafted.  Schott NYC is run by the third and fourth generations of the Schott family.  Come for a quick tour and remember to support family-run, American-made companies like this one.  They are the heart and soul of America.

Keep it classic,

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