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Leaning against desk checking phone

When you are asked how you are, "busy" has become a typical response.  Maybe even a badge of honor.  If you're not busy, then you might be perceived as lazy.  So ask yourself is your busyness stopping you from enjoying life?

Day after day, we show up for our obligations but have become absent from ourselves.  That never-ending to-do list; who's making it?  Are you piling on things you feel you ought to do instead of things you want to do?   

I don't know about you, but I've I've unnecessarily created busyness in my life.  I stay connected by "quickly" checking Instagram, responding to texts, and the minutes disappear from my day.  Then I'm overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list.  It's a cruel cycle so I'm working on creating boundaries.  Carefully planning out my days and concentrating my energy on things I need to do, as well as unplugging and investing my energy in things that bring me joy.  Life is short,  don't waste your time doing things you don't find value in.  You are the one writing your novel, make sure every chapter is good.

Light a candle and relax,

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