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Shoppe 815 Signature Scent Concrete Candle next to a stack of books with a rose on top


Have you ever heard the expression stop and smell the roses? Although Shoppe 815 believes that life is an adventure and our mission is to encourage people to live their best life and not to take their time for granted, that does not mean join the rat race. 

Sometimes our ambitions get the best of us. We say yes to everything and are constantly on the move. Being ambitious isn't a bad thing, but never stopping to recognize and reflect on your achievements is. This is why we created the Signature Scent. We believe in having a Scents of Adventure every day. Wake up, live your best life, and don't take your time for granted, but at some point take a few minutes to relax and reflect on what you've accomplished that day.  

The Shoppe 815 Signature Scent was developed with a blend of eucalyptus, lily, and amber wood oils all of which have aromatic benefits to help promote a clear mind, relaxation, and stress relief. We want the act of reflection to be cemented in your routine. It's a way to grow, learn, and appreciate all of your daily adventures.  

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