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Overhead shot of Katy on her 2004 Triumph Thruxton

Years ago I was a dancer and when I was learning to ride my motorcycle my Dad told me, "each turn should be graceful just like ballet."  For years I practiced trying to become a polished, elegant rider.  The more I rode, the more concrete my skills and confidence became.

After my accident, I thought getting back on the road would be like "riding a bike".  In many ways it was, but I didn't feel as graceful.  I quickly realized my thoughts began to control my riding.  I would criticize each turn I took to the point of deteriorating my confidence.  
Katy's red Honda and white Biltwell helmet on the handles

I always believed that confidence was a critical skill for a motorcyclist to acquire.  You must have confidence in your riding abilities, but you don't want to be overly confident to the point of putting yourself and others at risk.  Due to my internal commentator, I paralyzed my confidence and talked myself out of going on rides.  To overcome this, I challenged myself to a riding exercise.  Once a week, for 4 weeks, I would go for a motorcycle ride.  It could be around the block, or for a 3 hour ride.  Just like a musical instrument, if you don't practice, your skills get rusty.  This challenge made me accountable for regaining my skills and confidence.

Maybe you're eager to learn a new skill or would like to revisit an old passion as I did?  Use the chart below to assess what you might be holding yourself back from enjoying.  Then take the opportunity to end the year strong by planning and taking steps towards completing this task.  Every time you put effort towards accomplishing your challenge, take a minute to reflect on your progress.

Personal challenge printable form

Is there something you've been meaning to do?  
Let us know what it is below in our comments. 

Keep riding forward, 
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