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You're always one decision away from a totally different life


What unimportant actions did you make today?


Sit down and think about the minuscule decisions you made today. They may not seem like much. I met someone for lunch, called a few friends, listened to a podcast, and shipped a package. Each of those "insignificant" actions build relationships, opportunities, and potential for our futures. When I had the idea for my candles, I never imagined they would be on the pages of magazines, in stores, or introduce me to new incredible people. The candles don't make me who I am, but that wee tiny idea created a world of experiences and adventures. What unimportant actions have you made today?


DAY 13:

I relished two days off in my hometown with my family while enjoying familiar comfort foods. On Friday, I was back on the road, the double yellow lines quickly passing by on my left and my Dad to my right. Riding the country roads across Pennsylvania with an ice cream detour made me feel at home. Growing up, ice cream shops were a common riding destination for us. We ended the day in Honesdale, PA where an unlit paved road unexpectedly became gravel. It quickly grabbed hold of my wheel and pulled me down, but luckily my Dad was there to pick me up!  I brushed myself off and we decided it was a good time to grab dinner since there was a restaurant where I laid my bike down.

  Katy and her Dad riding their motorcycles side by side and her Dad giving the thumbs up.

Milkshakes and motorcycles at Sheetz gas station

Day 13

Date: 5/27/16
Start Mileage: 38,540
End Mileage: 38,856
Total Miles: 316 mi
Start Location: Blairsville, PA
End Location: Honesdale, PA


DAY 14-15:

It's funny how insignificant moments at gas stations and ice cream shops accumulated over the years can combine to be the most meaningful moments. I'm glad this journey provided us with another opportunity to add more memories from the road. The next morning I watched my Dad drive away giving me a wave goodbye. I wasn't ready to be on my own again.  Instead, I rode a few miles down the road and joined some familiar faces at Babes Ride Out East Coast. Driving up and being greeted by my West Coast friends on the East Coast was a memorable experience. It was even more unforgettable riding the beautiful New York roads to Woodstock with them.

Dad on Grey BMW getting ready to leave parking lot
Dad on BMW motorcycle at stop light.

Girls riding into Babes Ride Out east coast on their motorcycles
Group of stylish girls that just rode their motorcycles to Woodstock, NY

Girl on Harley Davidson custom chopper wearing a Biltwell helmet with other friends getting on their motorcycles.

Shoppe 815 candle sitting on a hay bale in front of the Babes Ride Out sign on the East Coast
Katy with her Triumph Thruxton in front of the Babes Ride Out sign on the East Coast
Day 14

Date: 5/28/16
Start Mileage: 38,856
End Mileage: ???
Total Miles: ??? mi
Start Location: Honesdale, PA
End Location: Honesdale, PA

Day 15

Date: 5/29/16
Start Mileage: ???
End Mileage: 39,061
Total Miles: 205 mi
Start Location: Honesdale, PA
End Location: Honesdale, PA

DAY 16-18:

The next day I said my goodbyes and made my way to New York where I was swallowed by emotion as the NYC skyline became my reality! As I pulled up in Brooklyn my dear friend Leslie gave me a warm New York welcome. Her confidence driving the city streets rubbed off on me. We rode to Feltraiger, a store that sold Shoppe 815 candles since my first year in business. I also had the opportunity to visit Sophie, an editor at InStyle Magazine, at her office. Sophie ran an article on Shoppe 815 candles for InStyle Germany. Was this a joke? How did an idea about making a candle turn into this experience? I'm still honored that my creations were on the pages of InStyle magazine. 

New York City skyscrapers and blue skies
Meeting InStyle Magazine editor in her office
Shoppe 815 candles in Brooklyn, New York boutique
Made in America Feltraiger shirts hanging in Brooklyn, New York store
Shoppe 815 Candles on Feltraiger shelfs in Brooklyn, New York store front

My number one goal on this motorcycle trip was to touch the Atlantic Ocean, so I could say I rode from coast to coast. After that became a reality, Leslie took me to her boot factory, walking me through the process of how she handmakes my favorite pairs of motorcycle boots. These boots not only make you look fashionable on and off your bike, but they provide the best grip while riding. I never get on my bike without them!

Katy touching the Atlantic Ocean in New York State
Breaking Hearts and Burning Rubber motorcycle boots shipping bag
Founder and operator of Breaking Hearts and Burning Rubber motorcycle boots company at Manhattan headquarters.

Day 16

Date: 5/30/16
Start Mileage: 39,092
End Mileage: ???
Total Miles: ??? mi
Start Location: Honesdale, PA
End Location: New York City, NY

Day 17

Date: 5/31/16
Start Mileage: ???
End Mileage: ???
Total Miles: ??? mi
Start Location: New York City, NY
End Location: New York City, NY

Day 18

Date: 6/1/16
Start Mileage: ???
End Mileage: 39,308
Total Miles: 216 mi
Start Location: New York City, NY
End Location: New York City, NY

DAY 19:

There was no way I was leaving the area without visiting the legendary Schott NYC's headquarters. One morning years before, I woke up to an email from Schott with interest in carrying Shoppe 815 candles. This is a company that I've admired for its craftsmanship and product design since my first job as an assistant outerwear designer at Fox Racing. I thought the email was a joke.  I'm grateful it wasn't!  I felt privileged that Jason Schott took the time to personally take me on a factory tour where they hand-craft their Perfecto motorcycle jacket, an American classic. Watch my walkthrough here and see why you should support small American-made businesses. Jason, if you ever need some jackets designed you know where to find me!

Katy's Triumph Thruxton parked in front of the Schott NYC headquarters

Made in America handmade motorcycle leather jackets at Schott NYC

Schott NYC Perfecto jacket laying on table after it's been sewn in the USA

I could have stayed there for hours, but I had to be on my way to what is now one of my favorite small towns, New Hope, PA. This charming, quaint town is the perfect riding destination. It was here where I got to know Ashley from The Selvedge Yard over an enjoyable outdoor lunch. We then walked through her family's incredible store, which sadly no longer exists. I'm lucky that my candles were a part of The Selvedge Yard experience. Ashley took a photo of me before I rode off to a familiar location where my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins waited with open arms. 
These 5 days were like a shot of espresso, rich, strong, and energizing.

The Selvedge Yard Motorcycle boutique in New Hope, PA

Shoppe 815 candles displayed on table in The Selvedge Yard motorcycle store Pennsylvania

Ashley and Katy's first meeting in the Selvedge Yard motorcycle store

Katy leaving New Hope, PA on her Triumph Thruxton


DAY 19:

Date: 6/2/16
Start Mileage: 39,308
End Mileage: 39,433
Total Miles: 125 mi
Start Location: New York City, NY
End Location: Wilmington, DE

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