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We all know it's common to put your "highlight reel" on social media but shits about to get real. 

Two years ago I was in a bad motorcycle accident where I acquired a traumatic brain injury (see previous blog for more info). 
After a year of cognitive, occupational, educational, and physical therapy, I was ready for a fresh start. 
The reality of moving forward has genuinely been a constant struggle this year.  
I still have some cognitive deficits like forgetting words for things and names of friends.  I apologize if I forget your name! 
Occasionally, I have short-term memory loss, attention issues, and become overwhelmed which leads to stress. 
Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful and try to live every day to it's fullest
and positively move forward, but that's not always the easiest.  Acceptance has been an ongoing struggle this past year. 
I'm learning to accept the "new me" and trying not compare myself to the "old me". 
I can remember how I used to be able to accomplish certain tasks and realize I can no longer execute them to the same standards.
As I said before, this isn't a highlight reel about my positive, graceful comeback.  This is also not a poor me story. 
This is just the honest truth about fighting a daily battle.  Sometimes I get a good swing in, and sometimes it swings back. 
That's why in May I am looking forward to attending a Love Your Brain retreat.  At the retreat I will learn about nutrition, physical empowerment, and mindfulness with a community of strong people who also know what it's like to have a TBI. 
Please help contribute to the Love Your Brain foundation so other's can have the same opportunity and resources on their road to recovery. 
xoxo Katy

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March 11, 2019

Thanks Cindy! You do the same!!! I need some of that magic Turquoise for good energy.


March 04, 2019

Xoxo stay strong and amazing as always

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